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Yoga from the Heart

The yoga we offer blends clear elements of alignment based on sound biomechanical and anatomical principles with a heart oriented, joyful and respectful approach to practice.

As unique individuals we come to the yoga mat for a variety of reasons and we have a unique history, anatomy and physiology. The elements of alignment, strength, flexibility, breath and awareness are offered to meet each person where they are in the moment and to facilitate optimal balance in all systems and on all levels of being.
Alignment principles awaken our awareness of how various parts of our selves are integrated and interconnected. We line up in a way that respects our individual body structure, supports our joints, and clears pathways for the optimal circulation and flow. Elements of alignment encourage us to find freedom in our bodies as we release fascial restrictions and access deep structural strength, support, and integrity. 
Our yoga is in service of much more than our individual selves. Through the practice we foster the recognition of our connections to each other, to our environment, and to the world. Through the process of yoga we naturally begin to make more life affirming and compassionate choices in all aspects of our lives.
Our yoga becomes an offering from the heart.

Aerial Yogaimage image

Prepare to fly and take your yoga practice to new heights!
Classes are small and intimate so if you want to be sure to get a hammock it is recommended that you pre-book.
Feel free to come along casually though as not all classes are fully booked.
When you book online you can get a 10 class pass which you are welcome to use anytime ... you don’t need to use the 10 sessions consecutively.

Aerial Yoga Schedule: (click on the time to prebook your place)

Wednesdays 12 - 1pm

Sundays 9 - 10am (for those with experience)

Sundays 10:30 - 11:30am (for those new to the style or wanting a less challenging aerial experience)

Monthly Aerial Restorative Yoga:
Friday March 9, 5:30 - 6:45pm
Friday April 6, 5:30 - 6:45pm
Friday May 11: 5:30 - 6:45pm
Cost of Aerial Restorative Yoga is $25 per session

Here’s how it works: You sit on a soft, fabric hammock that looks kind of like a long scarf.

These hammocks are made out of special, high-density nylon material that can support over 2,000 pounds, so don’t worry - you’re not going to tear them.

The hammocks are held up by carabineers, support chains and webbing straps.
You can adjust the height according to personal preference, or for better manouverability.

Throughout the yoga class, you do various traditional yoga poses or aerial adaptations of traditional poses using the hammock for support.
Some of the most basic poses involve simple stretches while seated on the hammock, while other poses progress to hanging upside down and grabbing your thighs, ankles or feet for support and balance

Prenatal Yoga

image We have several options for you to experience the benefits of yoga for you and your baby

Much like other types of childbirth-preparation classes, prenatal yoga is a multifaceted approach to exercise that encourages stretching, mental centering and focused breathing. Research suggests that prenatal yoga is safe and can have many benefits for pregnant women and their babies.

Research suggests that prenatal yoga can:
Improve sleep
Reduce stress and anxiety
Increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth
Decrease lower back pain, nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, headaches and shortness of breath
Prenatal yoga can also help you meet and bond with other pregnant women and prepare for the stress of being a new parent.

A typical prenatal yoga class might involve:

You’ll be encouraged to focus on breathing in and out slowly and deeply through the nose. Prenatal yoga breathing techniques might help you reduce or manage shortness of breath during pregnancy and work through contractions during labor.
Gentle stretching. You’ll be encouraged to gently move different areas of your body, such as your neck and arms, through their full range of motion.
Postures. While standing, sitting or lying on the ground, you’ll gently move your body into different positions aimed at developing your strength, flexibility and balance. Props — such as blankets, cushions and belts — might be used to provide support and comfort.
Relaxation. At the end of each prenatal yoga class, you’ll relax your muscles and restore your resting heart rate and breathing rhythm. You might be encouraged to listen to your own breathing, pay close attention to sensations, thoughts and emotions, or repeat a mantra or word to bring about a state of self-awareness and inner calm.

At YFTH we offer Weekly Classes, Private Prenatal Yoga sessions, and Prenatal Workshops

Meredith Izon offers weekly Prenatal Yoga Classes

Mondays 12 - 1pm
Saturdays 4 - 5:15pm

Dani Fox offers the following support for your pregnancy:

Private Prenatal Yoga Sessions:
Dani offers private prenatal yoga sessions designed to meet the needs of you and your baby. To find out more about private sessions please click here.

Prenatal Yoga half day workshop: A time to align
This half-day workshop is offered with the fullest intention of supporting you to experience a more joy-filled pregnancy, gentle birth and confident transition into motherhood. To find out more about these workshops including upcoming dates and online registration please click here.

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