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About YFTH

Yoga from the Heart was founded by Clare in 2002 with a clear intention to offer the gifts of yoga to the Hobart community. From the beginnings in a small studio in Taroona we have grown and we now make our home in our wonderful dedicated space in Hobart, bathed in light, with a view of Mt Wellington, wonderful facilities, balconies, and infused with intention to offer practices which reveal joy, vitality, and intelligence of body, mind and heart.

The studio is well equipped with high quality, clean equipment for your use so you don’t need to bring anything to class with us (though if you have your own mat you are most welcome to bring it along to use). As well as regular weekly classes (including specialist classes for pregnant women, children, older adults, those with therapeutic needs) we offer regular workshops, the 6 month Elemental Yoga Immersion, and from time to time we host visiting teachers (see below for some of the events we have hosted in the last 10 years).

Winter 2017image

Winter solstice we added ‘seeds’ to the tree, and wrote on the seeds that which we are nourishing and bringing to form at this time of year. What incredible gifts we are supporting one another in growing.

Here is what what on the leaves ...

Be creative! Play more! Spread kindness and compassion. Cultivate grace and calm. Optimism, hope, courage, healing. Love, healing nourish, courage, commitment, peace, confidence, strength. Self love and compassion. Sillion - the pause – the shine as the earth waits to receive the seed. To let my life shine simply. Assertiveness, ease, consolidation, creativity, fun. Awakening joy. Unconditional love. Contentment. Courageous contribution. Open to joy and creativity, write, draw, sing, dance. Connectedness, joy. Remember to breathe. Healing. Trust, surrender, Freedom, love warmth, comfort. Welcome refugees, support communities. Help others shine. Compassion and understanding.
Learn to let go, love, and relax. Seeds of … forgiveness, freedom, power within, love. Take the time to listen to your soul, you know what you need to do. Live in the moment. …. “afraid of nothing, as though I had wings” Mary Oliver. Gentleness & compassion. To embrace all forms of courage. Hope over fear. Kindness. Abundance of peace, love, joy. May I grow and expand into the complete fullness of my potential. Be happy with / within myself and live my life fully. To allow discipline to germinate as my friend. Live my life to the fullest. “I choose to risk my significance. To live so that which came to me as seed goes to the next as blossom … “ Dawna Markova. Trust myself to be the truth of me. Kindness. Life. Love flourishes when you nurture yourself and others. Clarity, hope, love. A loving partnership. Love, connection, laughter, clarity, delight, joy, love, service, contribution, relationship. Centre, Ground, Uplift, Expand. Commitment, passion, strength, flexibility, joy, success. Light, laced with hope, seeks the cracks in the blackness. Live life to the full. Good endings. Courage, strength, forgiveness, love, happiness. Renewed commitment to waking up … for the benefit of all.

and here is a word cloud with the biggest words being those that came up most often .... LOVE! image

Our Summer Solstice 2016 tree full of wishes .... image

Here’s a transcription of what we wrote on the stars .........

Contentment; Self-care; Simplicity; Greater Respect & Awareness & Gratitude for Wellness & Joy in our lives; Embracing all I have to offer; LIght!; Happy Yoga in 2017 for all; Joy, Peace, Love; Happy healthy cells in our body; For peace & love to encircle the planet; Thank you for sharing the light - shine on and on; Mindfulness; inner calm; Warmth & Love; Deep Trust; May my children thrive; The patience & generosity to really listen; Dawn of a new world united by love; Self nurture; Courage & Vulnerability; More random acts of kindness; Love & Happiness; I wish for kindness & empathy toward those seeking asylum; Keep believing; Heart Centred; Connection to people, places, & ideas; Recalibration; It is a privileged challenge; Joy, love and peace in the world; No violence against women & children; Courage, Living here ... close to family & friends; Vitality; Joy, Love 7 Wholehearted authenticity; A better state-wide planning scheme; ! : May Donald T find Grace; Acceptance of what is and what comes; Balance; Ease; Love, Peace & Acceptance; Love, Abundance of Blessings (Love, Joy Peace); Purnatva (“enough-ness”, perfect-fullness); Generosity; Be as happy this year; Grace & Gratitude; Health & Joy for our growing little one; Sane, wise, grounded planning for TAS wild places; Sparkles & Sunshine; Peace, Health & Happiness for all; Peace; Joy ; for all women & children to be safe from male violence; Love, Gratefulness, Compassion, Celebration; Flexibility; Release negative thoughts; Connection; Empathy & Gratitude; Holding onto anger is like drinking poison; Deep Compassion for Self & Soul; Response-ability; Boddhisatva; Be True to You; Be Your Best Self; Love, Good health, Happiness, Kindness, more Love; Gratitude.

June 2016

As part of our Winter Solstice week and Gathering at the studio the tree has been adorned with autumnal leaves bearing intentions of letting go and also nourishing and growing.

Just as seeds in the earth are lying in wait, nourished by what has been let go of and becomes compost to feed the next pulsation of life in spring, so we can consciously engage in the process ourselves. Here is the tree, and here are our communities intentions. I have deliberately sorted them and included the multiples which shows so clearly that at the heart of the matter we are all seeking the very same. May YFTH support you on your journey as the light grows and the vital essences of prana, tejas and ojas flow ...

Cultivating & growing …

abundance & trust
accept change
authentic self love
being open to Grace … life
being present in the moment
being wholehearted
compassion & Grace
compassion & Grace
courage & authenticity
courage & calm
courage of commitment
creativity & self love
fullness of heart
joy in the moment
love & caring
love & connections
open to Grace
rest & self care
seeing the beauty
self love and nourishment
support and nurture
truth & authenticity
unconditional acceptance
uplifting energy
welcome change & impermanence

Letting go of or shedding …

anxiety & doubt
expectations of others getting hold of me
fear & avoidance
fear & self doubt
fear & self doubt
fear of scarcity
feeling I need to be needed to be wanted
lethargic energy
letting go of what I no longer need
old ties & patterns
self doubt
self doubt
self doubt
self doubt & criticism
self hate
self indulgence
self loathing
striving for perfection
the unconscious past & fear of the future
worry & negativity
worrying thoughts

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